Tuesday, September 27, 2011


***This is my disclaimer.  I love my in-laws.  They are sweet, loving, giving, kind people.  I know they love me to death and would do anything for me, my husband and my daughter.  I know, from the bottom of my heart, that I am lucky to have the relationship that I have with them.  Most of my friends complain about their in-laws and I seriously don't have much to complain about.***

Except that I'm complaining now, but you know, every once in awhile it's OK.

My in-laws are going to Disney World at the end of October.  They hadn't been there since Mark and his brother were kids more than 20 years ago.  Obviously, it's very different now.  Since we had been twice in about a year in a half when they booked, they asked our opinions about it.  I walked them through the process of looking at different hotels (they are staying on property) and gave my opinion why a value resort is the best option for us.  They decided on a moderate, because at least they didn't look to kiddy, who wants a giant Mickey Mouse outside your room.  For the record, I do. 

I showed them touringplans.com and gave them my password so that she could look at the crowd calendar etc.  My MIL seemed confused by this so I sat down with her and showed her everything I know.  Now I'm not saying I'm an expert here.  I've gone twice, planning on my own, did tons of research on a ga-billion Disney sites and talked to my expert, Stephanie.  But I gave my MIL everything she needed to decide what she wanted but still ended up doing it for her.

Then it was time to start looking at dining.  You have to make reservations if you're going to Disney if you want to eat at a normal dinner hour or want something other than sandwiches or hamburgers.  My in-laws are picky eaters.  I went on allears.net.  I spent almost 2 hours looking at dining menus, every single restaurant menu, even if I knew they would never in a million years try Boma or Yak and Yeti.  I printed out the menus of places they would like, told them our favorite restaurants, encouraged them to go to Sci-Fi and Ohana.  We love both of these mostly because of the ambiance and decor at Sci-Fi, though we haven't ever had a bad meal there and Ohana just for all of it.  The food is awesome, the decor is great, and the entertainment is so fun even if you're not participating.  They decided not to go to either place.  They originally booked both and within the last week, changed their reservations. 

I know it' stupid to be so bothered by this.  It just annoys me that every single thing that I spent so much time and effort on, they aren't doing it.  They chose different resorts, different restaurants and now she tells me that they think this whole vacation is a mistake.  They don't like rides, dad doesn't want to see fireworks or parades, they refuse to have a part of any character interaction and they won't bring their camera because what could they possibly need a picture of at Disney World. 

Plus on top of it, when she found out we'll be going next year with my mom and dad, she got kinda pissy with me.  I had offered to go on a vacation with them in the past.  It didn't have to be Disney.  Annabelle can go anywhere, but she declined saying she didn't want to do a family vacation with us.  My mom said that she wanted to go to Disney with her grand kids the minute she found out I was pregnant.

I'm just confused by my in-laws I guess.  Sometimes their mood swings from one thing to another can make me dizzy.  They don't want to go on vacation with us but are mad that we have plans to go with my parents.  It just drives me crazy sometimes.  I love them but I really just needed to get it off of my chest.


  1. Oh, so sorry you are having a frustrating time. I sometimes have a hard time with extended family too, but I know they mean well. They probably think I am the difficult one--it's possible. :)

    On the bright side, you gave me some tips if we make it to Disney again. I'll be checking out the crowd calendar for sure.

  2. Sounds like they are really lucky to have a daughter-in-law like you, Older folks minds think so differntly, I'm finding that out with our aging parents too. It's frustrating...and it's ok to vent. It was sweet of you too do so much work in trying to help them plan.... Guess it's their loss, maybe in hind-sight they will see that.

  3. Sometimes you gotta let it slide and venting is probably the best way to do so. Next time give a few tips and let them figure out the rest. Peace.

  4. Thanks for letting me vent:) My MIL likes to point out sometimes how different we are, then I try to point out that sometimes, she needs to let loose! Neither of us are going to agree on this one but it's OK just the same. It's better to say this here, than to her!