Friday, September 23, 2011


Today is the first official day of Autumn.  Even though the weather isn't super Fall-ish yet and the leaves are only beginning to change, I'm happy to be putting up some of our Fall/Halloween decorations.  I'm moving slowly on it.  I mean I wouldn't want to rush it too much, I'll be dreading the cold soon.  I'm just not there yet.

My little Autumn motif by the front door.  Unfortunately I keep thinking that there is a man standing out front every time I glance out and see the scarecrow.  It creeps me out a little bit:)


  1. I took our pumpkins/fall stuff out here too but it's still in the 90s! Yuck!

    Cracking up at that scarecrow scaring you. I would totally do the same thing!

  2. I always say I'm going to decorate for the holidays, but I never end up doing it!

  3. The weather is beautiful here in Buffalo right now, mid-60's near 70.

    I love decorating for all holidays. I'm ready for Christmas decorations by mid- November but Mark makes me hold off until the day after Thanksgiving:(

  4. I just decorated for fall and I love how it looks. It's so warm and cozy.

    I won't lie though, having that at my door would definitely creep me out!