Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dance Class!

This week dance class started for me.  Well technically it started last week but I couldn't go, with Mark being out of town I couldn't go and leave Annabelle all alone.  Every year at the end, close to recital, I'm completely over dance class.  Sometimes there's a bit of favoritism or we're annoyed with the song, costume, dance itself.  Sometimes it's all three!  But then September comes back around and I get excited again.

This year, there are very few of us coming back.  It's so strange because I've been dancing with a pretty strong core of women over the past five or more years.  Besides me, there are only three other women from last years group.  Then there are four newbies.  Usually we enjoy some new faces, but all four of them have never danced a step in their lives.  I don't know how Deanne, the teacher, is going to make it work this year with such a discrepancy between high and low.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will all work out and that I won't be complaining about class three months from now!


  1. That's amazing you do that! I would love to take a hip-hop class, though so far I haven't been brave enough to do it!

  2. That's great that you do that! I'd love to do a dance class but haven't gotten myself into one just yet.

  3. I love taking dance class. I know that there are probably plenty of people who think it's silly for women ranging from the 30's to their 50's taking a class and doing the recital, but I love it!