Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All About Me

I'm not really good about putting me on the list.  You know, the list.  The one that determines who and/or what is the most important.  There is always someone or something higher on my list.  Annabelle, Mark, family, friends, cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc etc etc.  Every once in awhile I try to put myself up there.  Gosh darn it, I'm important too!  But I always push myself back down again.  Right now, I'm on the list again.  I'm doing Weight Watchers and counting my points, heading to the gym as often as possible.  Trying to be happy with me and the way I look.  I think it will do wonders for me and my confidence.  Especially if I lose this last 15 pounds that just won't. go. away.

So I woke up bright and early the other day and went to the gym for an hour and a half, even though Annabelle's only supposed to stay at the child care room for 70 minutes.  Forty-five minutes of Ab Blast and an hour of Zumba later, I was feeling great!  So full of energy because I pushed myself HARD and I knew I would be feeling it the next day. 

I just have one thing that I need to add.  Walking out of the gym and smelling bacon outside from one of the restaurants is not a good thing!  It almost kille me not to eat some bacon, it smelled so good.  But I persevered so I pat myself on the back.  Hopefully it will smell like something healthier tomorrow, like salad. :)


  1. That's awesome your doing something for yourself! I feel like I've been put on hold lately, especially my health. I think I'll go eat some bacon.