Monday, August 15, 2011

Sixteen Years

Sixteen years ago today Mark and I officially started dating.  We had gone out a few times before that but on August 15 we made it official.  I was 17 years old and had only dated a handful of guys, no one seriously.  With Mark, it was different from the very beginning.  We worked together at Burger King and my best friend had a crush on him.  I didn't have him on my radar until later on.  But he was so funny and cute.  Everyone always ended up with a little crush on him at one point or another.  Luckily he decided I was cute and funny too.

He says that this day is not important.  That as an anniversary, it doesn't count anymore.  And I can see his point.  I don't expect roses and an expensive dinner out.  But it does count.  It has weight behind it.  Without this date, the other really important ones, don't ever happen.  We don't fall in love, get married, buy a home, have a baby.  None of it happens.  So yes, to me, it's still important. 

I can still remember how I felt holding his hand for the first time, the date he first said I Love You (October 2, 1995), my prom, camping trips, college together, the day he proposed.  It's all right there and it wouldn't be there without today.

He told me when he proposed that he doesn't believe in soul mates but that you know you have to be with someone if you can't imagine life without them.  That he didn't want to ever live without me.  And I don't want to ever be without him.


  1. Yes, I think those anniversaries count too. They are the begining. So happy anniversary!

  2. Very sweet, Congrats, and Happy Anniversary.