Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Muder Mystery...

cue evil laughter!   Bwahahaha!  That was a bit much, sorry. 

This past Monday, I went on a Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise with my mom, dad and sister.  We bought the tickets for my mom for her birthday.  She's impossible to buy anything for.  That usually ends up with us buying play tickets or anything that is even moderately artsy for her. 

So we packed up the car with the four of us for the hour and a half drive to Rochester, all in our spots in the car that we've always sat.  Dad drives, mom passenger seat, me behind dad, Heather behind mom.  Heather started to get into my spot and then apologized and moved over.  I think it's weird that almost 15 years later we're still stuck in the This Is Where I Sit In The Car time warp.

Overall the "play" was a little bit cheesy.  The woman who was playing the part of caterer totally fooled us though.  She was really good!  My dad asked for the chicken marinade recipe and she said she couldn't tell us.  We were completely fooled!  My sister forgot that it was a murder mystery dinner and was annoyed at the people standing up front talking about their wedding and the codicil in his father's will at the beginning.  I made sure to buy her a very expensive but super yummy mango-strawberry margarita to get her head back in the game.  To repay me she dropped a huge piece of chicken into my open purse.  Thanks Heather!  Just what I wanted. :)

I had a great time just hanging out with my family.  Sometimes things are just "off" with us when we're all together.  Heather and I have had our issues the last few months but none of it seemed to matter.  We laughed and talked and joked around.  I wish I had remembered my camera battery to go along with my camera so that I could have gotten some pictures but sometimes my brain just gets fried, you know?  We had fun and we were told that they will have a totally new show next year.  Maybe we'll have to try it again next year.

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