Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Life has once again gone crazy for me.  Such is life, I know.  Annabelle was sick again from Thursday until Sunday.  We had to miss out on Mark's work picnic which included swimming, fishing, pony rides, bounce houses, tons of good food and company as well as a bonfire.  After the work picnic we were supposed to head over to my family picnic, which we didn't get to do either. 

After a trip to the doctor on Sunday because her little lymph nodes were huge and hard, she started feeling better.  The doctor warned us that she may eventually need her tonsils out due to the recurring ear and throat infections that she gets.  Throw in the fevers every 3-4 weeks and you have one stressed mama!

In other news, our deck is soooo close to being almost done!  If you don't remember my deck story please read here.  Four more boards and some railings and it's finished!  If only Mark would be home the rest of the week to finish it.  Once again, he's being sent out of town for work to Rome, NY.  Why can't they send him to the Florida or Hawaii or San Fransisco offices?  Then Annabelle and I could have a pretty cheap mini vacation with him.

And on the job front, it turns out that all of the rumors swirling around at his office about people losing their jobs, come September, were just that, rumors.  Oh the weight that has been lifted from my shoulders!  It's beautiful thing.  It puts all of my future, expensive plans off the back burner and right out in front for me to obsess over again:)

So we've had a little bit of bad and a little bit of good this past week.  But all I know is that I'm feeling so much better. :)

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