Friday, August 19, 2011

Olcott Beach Carousel Park

About an hour from our house is Olcott, NY.  It's a quaint little town right on Lake Ontario and the reason that anyone with kids under the ages of about six or seven goes there, is for the Carousel Park.  It's only open Thursday through Sunday during the summer and is run entirely by volunteers.  There are 6 rides at the Carousel Park that cost 25 cents to ride.  The rides are from the 1940's and 50's, except the Carousel which is from the 1920's.  Everything is in pristine condition.  None of the rides are out in the weather except for the Ferris Wheel.  It is a fun time for parents with little ones and an inexpensive way to spend the day.  A couple of rides, a hot dog or hamburger at the snack bar and an ice cream cone afterwards.  There is a small, rocky beach that you can walk to as well.  The water is pretty rough most of the time but it's a lot of fun to throw rocks in the water.

The Herschall Sky Fighter

Herschall Kiddie Car Ride

Inside the Ferris Wheel

Mahogany Boat Ride

Rocket Swing Ride

The 1928 Herschall Carousel.  Annabelle named her horse Princess.

Mark named his Rocket.

My horse was named Speedy.

Let's find some rocks.

Can you see her rock up at the top of the picture?  We thought for sure she was going to get brained!

I'm getting yelled at because we got wet.  We walked in to far and then caught a rogue wave.

The on the way home we stopped at Bye's Popcorn Stand for some yummy popcorn.  We bought a medium bag of plain and a small bag of caramel and peanut popcorn.  It was all gone waaaaay before we got home.  It is so good and fresh.  I can't wait to go back for more:)

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  1. Oh what a fun day. I love the picture of annabelle on the carousel. That's frame worthy for sure. I'm just a tad bit jealous that you are so close to the ocean. I LOVE the ocean and have only been there 4 times. Since we are in the land of 10,000 lakes (minnesota) the closest we get to the ocean is Lake Superior... I still imaging it to be an ocean, the waves, the view..just like an ocean, The big difference.... FREEEZING, ha

  2. Oh Jackie I wish those pictures were of the ocean. It is only Lake Ontario, which because of the unseasonably hot summer we've had, isn't too bad. Probably in the 70's while Lake Erie is at 80! And being a Buffalonian, I know that means we will have a truly awful winter this year:(

  3. I'm horrible with geography.... I probably should of figured that out, duh.