Thursday, August 11, 2011


This summer has been flying by!  I'm not ready to have to wake up at an ungodly hour, around 6:45am, to get Annabelle ready for school.  There is still so many things on my Summer-To-Do List.  I don't feel like we've been lazy but all those little fun things, like trips to Fantasy Island and Olcott Beach and Dunkirk Lighthouse, Niagara Falls and Hidden Valley Animal Adventure haven't been done.  Some of these things are in the works, my plans are hopefully falling into place, but there isn't much time left.  Three weeks, that's all.

I saw mums when I was at Lowe's buying paint a couple of weeks ago.  Thanksgiving decor is out at Kohl's.  We've been done school clothes and supply shopping for weeks now.  I think this will all hit me pretty hard when we get all the info for Annabelle's school year.  The calendar and her teacher's name, bus times and class meet-n-greets.

I still get that fluttery feeling of nervous apprehension when we start getting closer to the school year starting.  Just remembering how important it was to find out which friends would be with at lunch time and who would be taking AP English, knowing which teachers you were looking forward to seeing again and who you wouldn't.  I feel it getting closer.  So I am prepared to make the next three weeks a fun-filled time. 

Do other people get this manic need to make it all perfect and memorable, or is it just me?

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  1. I've been back at work this week, so theI've neglected the blog world. Oh, I think that is perfectly normal. We don't want the summer to end and want to enjoy every last minute. Have a great three weeks, no matter what if your're togehter it will be great!