Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Then and Now

15 Years Ago:
Mark and I had just celebrated our 1 year anniversary.  I had never dated a boy for more than a few months before that so it was a big deal.  Plus I started my freshman year at the University at Buffalo, officially a college student.

10 Years Ago:
We went camping and celebrated my cousin's 1 year anniversary.  Both Mark and I had stood up in her wedding.  We ate the top tier of her wedding cake even though it was ruined because it rolled down a hill and into the street!

5 Years Ago:
I had an almost 3 month old baby.  We were just starting to get out of the awful colicky phase, Mark's anxiety meds were really starting to work for him and things were finally starting to become more of a routine for us.

2 Years Ago:
Annabelle was 3 years old.  We were signing her up for her first year of dance class and I was beyond excited.  She was finally potty trained and we had just gotten back from a great vacation to Boston.

1 Year Ago:
Annabelle was starting Pre- K!  We were busy buying supplies and meeting her teachers.  I thought I would have so much time to myself with her being gone for two and a half hours but I was mistaken.  That was no time at all!

6 Months Ago:
We were doing major last minute planning for our trip to New Orleans and getting our Easter decorations up.  I started thinking about getting a part time job in the fall for a little extra spending money.  I planned on having tons of fun over the summer.

I helped Mark deal with a hangover after he had too much to drink at a friends party.  Plus we packed his bags because he is heading to Charleston, SC for a week for work.  The we found out that Annabelle has yet another fever, grrrr!

Annabelle was feeling better except for a small headache.  I went to Zumba twice, once at 10:15 am at my gym and then at 4:30 pm with two of my friends at their gym.  I figured that I worked so hard that I deserved Moe's for dinner, yum!

I am heading over to the zoo with my friend Krissy and her two kids.  I plan on having fun, making lots of animal noises and eating some ice cream. :)

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