Friday, August 26, 2011

A Lighthouse!

Annabelle has only asked to do one thing all summer (OK that's a bit of a lie but this one thing has been constant) and that is go to see a lighthouse.  Every time we would head to the marina, and that is often a weekly thing during the summer, she would see Buffalo Lighthouse and beg to go inside.  Except the Buffalo Lighthouse hasn't been open to the public in more than 30 years, though I have inside info from my dad that it will be open for tours next summer.  So I finally broke down and drove the hour to Dunkirk, NY to see their lighthouse with my mom, sister and her two kiddos.

We had a super fantastic time.  The kids were very good for the tour of the light keepers house which was basically a museum for the Armed Forces.  It was interesting but way over their heads, as were all of the hints that the lighthouse was haunted by two children and an old keeper named Charlie.  So the highlight of the trip was getting inside the actual lighthouse.  Luckily this one is small, only 53 steps.  Annabelle did most of them, the second flight of spiral stairs she got a piggy back from Grandma when Annabelle bumped her shin and started to cry.  We spent some time up on top and playing with lighthouse paraphernalia in another outbuilding before getting some ice cream and heading home.  Overall a very enjoyable day.

Dunkirk Lighthouse and the keeper's home right next door.

Heading up the first mini flight of stairs.

A view from inside the tower at the first landing.

It was pretty breezy up there.

Leaning way out to try to get a picture of the top.

A room with a view.

We were told that banging on the bell would bring good luck so we all took turns banging away.

Driving a boat.

We got to feel how warm the light was when it swung past our hand.
Next year I'm sure that we will head on up to the Buffalo Lighthouse and see how the two are different from each other.  Compare and contrast, sounds like fun huh?  That's what they call a teachable moment, might be a little bit of the teacher coming out of me:)


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