Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beautiful Buffalo!

Does that seem like an oxymoron to everyone else out there?  Do people really believe that we have 3 feet of snow in the middle of summer or do they just think they're funny when they ask us that?  And for the record, no it's not funny.  It's annoying.

Why all the sarcasm, you may be asking yourself.  It's because we are having some super fantastic weather here in good, old Buffalo.  We have hit 80 degrees or higher in 30 of 31 days last month.  Nothing too crazy hot, a few days hit the 90's, but other than that it's been perfect swimming weather.  Also, we've had 27 out of 31 days that are classified as sunny, meaning more than 50% sun during the day.  Orlando, sunny, bright Orlando has only had 3!

We may have weather that people think is awful.  Yes, we get snow, in the winter but only for about two months.  After the lake freezes, we don't get much snow.  It just sticks around until early March because it's chilly outside.  Snow will very rarely kill you.  I'll take snow over tornadoes and earthquakes and hurricanes any day. 

I just needed to brag a bit about my town that I love, even though there are way too many people that don't give it a chance.


  1. Well I'm in Minnesota and winter is my favorite season. I LOVE SNOW. We have had terribly hot & humid weather all of July and today..... today is the first day in about 3 weeks that' I've been able to shut the air off. It will be a pleasant 81 anf "less" humid today, I'll take that.
    Way to stick up for the place you live after all that's were we live we might as well enjoy it. Have a great day :)

  2. Glad you are enjoying the weather! I'm here too, but it has been so humid. Today is going to beautiful and I can't wait to enjoy the day!

  3. Yes, I'd definately want snow over tornados.

  4. I'm glad that other people agree with me, at least about this! I love having this warm, wonderful weather but I also love seeing Christmas snow:)